Recognized by SUSA (Smith Undergraduate Student Association) at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, we are one of the nation's premier finance student organizations.


We focus on establishing a collaborative finance community at Smith; a community which empowers students interested in finance across all learning levels and backgrounds with the knowledge and expertise to distinguish themselves in competitive finance fields. The goal is to create a sophisticated dialogue about financial markets, discuss appropriate valuation and modeling techniques, and finally to guide students into front office roles at coveted financial institutions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the SFG is to offer students interested in finance careers a community where they can learn, professionally develop, and advance their career search and opportunities.

Our members have received offers from some of the world's largest firms.

Membership Requirements

To become a member of SFG, interested persons must attend one organization meeting and indicate interest in joining one of our tracks. In addition, the following requirements are necessary to maintain active membership:

  1. Payment in full of financial obligations.

  2. Attendance of at least 50% of all meetings during a given semester.